Friday, May 15, 2009

Stever Diebert Turn from Predatory Lender to Savior?

How can someone wheel you into a predatory loan and then charge you money to analyze and fix it? Maybe one should ask Steve Deibert of MFI- Miami.

This clown is parading around as an expert in mortgage audits and saving homes.

This blog post is directed to the many haters on the internet. However, I wanted to dedicate this first post to a man that was involved in several internet attacks named Steve Deibert and a company he operates called MFI Miami which I am going to expose later in this post.

Steve eibert is one of many out of work ex-loan officers parading around has mortgage saviors.

Consumers need to know and understand who this man is and what he is about. Stay away from him with a million foot home pole!!!!!